Minnesota Family Planning Program

What is the Minnesota Family Planning Program?

The Minnesota Family Planning Program is a health care program that covers family planning services (including related supplies) and transportation services to and from providers of family planning services.

Who can get family planning services?

To get family planning services you:

•  Must be a Minnesota resident
•  Must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified noncitizen
•  Cannot be pregnant
•  Cannot be enrolled in Medical Assistance
•  Must meet the income limits

What are the income limits?

Family size 

Monthly income limit

1 $2,010
2 $2,707
3 $3,404
4 $4,101

What services are covered?

Most family planning services are covered, including these:

• Family planning office visits and education
• Various birth control methods
• Sterilizations
• Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases found during a family planning visit
• Transportation to and from a provider of family planning services

How do I apply?

You can apply by completing the Minnesota Family Planning Program application and sending it to this address:

Minnesota Department of Human Services
P.O. Box 64960
St. Paul, MN 55164-0960

We will look at your application to determine whether you can get family planning health care coverage for one year. We will make this decision within 45 days.

If we need more information, we will call you or send you a letter in the mail. To get an application:

•  Call 651‑431‑3480 (Twin Cities metro area) or 888‑702‑9968 (outside the Twin Cities metro area)
•  Go to http://mn.gov/dhs/MN-Family-Planning-Program/

Can I get health care services right away?

You can apply for short-term family planning coverage at certain clinics. To get the names of these clinics, call 651‑431‑3480 (Twin Cities metro area) or 888‑702‑9968 (outside the Twin Cities metro area). You can also find the list of clinics where you can apply for short-term coverage at http://mn.gov/dhs/MN-Family-Planning-Program/.

•  Short-term coverage starts right away.
•  Short-term coverage ends on the day eligibility for ongoing family planning services is determined or, if no application is submitted, on the last day of the next month.
•  You can get short-term coverage only once a year.
•  To get family planning services for a full year, you must send an application to the Minnesota Family Planning Program. The clinic that gives you short-term coverage can help you apply. The Minnesota Family Planning Program may also pay for family planning services going back three months before the month of application.

Can I go to any doctor or pharmacy?

You can go to any doctor or provider who can see Minnesota Health Care Program enrollees. If you need help finding a doctor:

Look in the Minnesota Health Care Programs online provider directory at http://mhcpproviderdirectory.dhs.state.mn.us. Search for provider type “Family Planning Services.” Part of the Minnesota Health Care Programs Minnesota Department of Human Services The Minnesota Family Planning Program

This information is effective July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018.

Call 651‑431‑2670 (Twin Cities metro area) or 800‑657‑3739 (outside the Twin Cities metro area).

How much will this cost?

You can get the services covered by the Minnesota Family Planning Program at no cost to you.

How does this program protect my privacy?

• This program follows all state and federal privacy laws.
• If you want, we will send your notices to an address other than your home address.

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651-431-2670 or 800-657-3739

• You do not need to tell us if you have other private health care insurance.
• You do not need the consent of anyone to apply for this program.
• We do not send explanations of medical benefits.
• If you are under age 21, we do not require information about your spouse’s or parents’ income.


If you have questions, call 651‑431‑3480 (Twin Cities metro area) or 888‑702‑9968 (outside the Twin Cities metro area).