Patient Portal - Follow My Health

Welcome to ODHC’s Patient Portal – Follow My Health (FMH)

Your electronic health records may be accessed securely 24/7 from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Just follow these simple steps to get connected.

1. Check your email. You will receive an automated message from noreply@ Click on Registration and follow the directions.

2. Create an Account or if you have set up an FMH account already through another clinic, choose Add This Connection.

3. Choose a Login Method. You may login using Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, or WindowsLive, or if you wish, you may create a username and password specifically for your FMH Portal.

4. Connect: Follow the prompts for the next four screens to complete your registration. These include Terms of Service, Invite Code (The 4-digit year of your birth), and Release of Info. Your health record will begin to upload and may take a few minutes.

5. Watch the Video: the 3-minute video for first-time users will offer tools about using your portal. If you wish to view it later, click on My Account, Preferences.

6. Congratulations! You may now access your health information and start managing your care online!
If you would like assistance, please call Open Door Health Center at 507.388.2120.