Chief Medical Officer (Mankato, MN)


Position Summary

Open Door Health Center (ODHC) is seeking a Physician (MD or DO) as a fulltime CMO to provide leadership and patient care at our Mankato location.

Job Responsibilities:

• Provide direct clinical care as an integral member of the provider staff as determined by administration.

• Work collaboratively with ODHC leadership to design and implement programs and services to meet identified populations needs.

• Provider leadership and foster engagement for the Health Care Home initiative.

• Coordinate the development of clinical goals, outcomes and strategies for prevention, acute care and chronic disease management.

• Design, develop, and implement appropriate department policies, protocols, procedures and “best practices” which are in compliance with the most current accepted professional standards for care.

• Lead the adoption of new technology to improve patient information and patient care.

• Provide leadership for issues associated with improving organization performance.

Minimum Qualifications

• Board certified, MN licensed physician with current DEA license.

• A minimum of 5 years demonstrated experience in a key leadership role with responsibility and oversight of the medical department and staff development/management.

• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

• Excellent time management and organizational skills.

• Strong interpersonal skills with an understanding of underserved populations.

• Ability to solve problems effectively, creatively and decisiveness in decision making.

• Ability to develop, lead and facilitate teams to achieve the goals of the department.

• Confidence, professional judgement and grace under pressure.

• Previous experience and knowledge of the needs of a Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is a plus.

• Bilingual language skills and are a plus.

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